Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Very First Race Singlet.

The Hyundai Run for A Cause was my first running event. 

Being my running de-virginizer,  I shall never forget the feeling i felt during the event -  The simultaneous assault of fear and excitement, and the Glory after crossing the finish line.

"kulang pa! Nabitin ako!" i remember saying to my friends after finishing, i felt at that time that i can  run another 5k or more. After recovery i trained harder than ever, pushing my mileage to the more than 30% distance increase per week (i know it's wrong but i was very very hyped then). 

As i now sit behind my desk, criticizing myself for not braving the bad weather these past few weeks, I think to myself that i should enroll to a gym as an alternative to road running.  :s

What about you? When and How was your first running Event?

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