Sunday, June 26, 2011

First 10k Event (POCARI SWEAT RUN 2011)

Heres the situation; i haven't run in weeks and i have to punish myself for that. You see, i could have trained in the gym but i didn't - I wasted my days staying up late and drinking most of the recent rainy day spree. I'm was making up excuses because i can blame it all on the rain.

I was window shopping in a sports shop when i saw this beautiful blue singlet on a registration table. I inquired and learned that this is for an upcoming event on July 17, 200 at Frontera Verde, Tiendesitas, Ortigas Center. I didnt even inquire about the organizers, freebies or whether-or-not there will be a timing chip available but i just signed up for the event.  

as I was filling up the form, i realized that running 5k would not be enough punishment for my being lazy so i forced myself to check the 10k on the category box.

now i have about 20 days to prepare for my very first 10k run. This will definitely be a challenge because the farthest i ever trained was only about 7.5km which i am covering in about 1 hour or more.

below are the pictures of the singlet, race map, race bib and the fugly "race kit"

 I love this blue singlet, though i find it a little small for me (i got a size S rather than an M this time)

Ready Get Sweat GO!

I'll be posting another more readable route diagram once im able to get a google map of the vicinity

 The kit is fugly, the singlet, map and bib were jammed in a brown envelop with a pasted print out of the event poster on the back. 

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